Model Sketches

Here's some stuff from last night at the Quincy Art Center's weekly model session. The model kept moving and squirming, so I gave up trying to do anything figurative and made a couple portrait sketches.

Then I got bored with that and started drawing some of the other attendees.



I recently went to visit a friend who lives a couple hours away by train, in Maine.
I filmed everything outside my window along the way because the autumn landscape spilling past was too beautiful to ignore.

This is the footage pieced together and set to music; feel free to view the HD version.
Made with:

1. Vocals by Terence Trent D'arby from "As Yet Untitled" (1987)
2. Harp by Joanna Newsom from "Sprout and The Bean" (2004)
3. Various other sounds by Timo Maas from "Help Me" (2002)

and my own usual programming and synthwork :B



I'm participating in a collaborative project I assigned to my Illustration 2 class (juniors) to put together a simple alphabet and counting book.

Just due to the way the things worked out, there were just a few more letters and numbers than students, so I assigned myself the odds and ends of the A-Z alphabet and the 1-10 numbers. I have Y, Z, and 10.

I took Y is for Yeti (on a Yak), Z is for Zebra (zooming with Zucchini), and 10 Fish!

Each of these is 10" x 10" in gouache.

Here we go!

The set of images put together looks really great. I can't wait to see how it comes back from the printers.



Happy Veterans Day

Today, S. and I went to visit his grandma for dinner. She lives outside of Boston, which means a little road trip, which further means NPR :)

Perhaps because it's Veterans Day, the radio show Marketplace aired two segments on veterans intersecting with economic realities. Both were interesting, so I'm sharing here.

In each case, the way the website is set up, the text is a transcript of the audio. So can just read it or listen to the audio files right off the webpage.

This first is an interesting, sad, frustrating account of vets seeking but then finally getting assistance; and having to navigate the VA system:


This second one is like omg this guy is my hero:


Gutman Opening

Hey folks :) So last night was the opening for the faculty show at the Gutman Library.

srakkt came by and was kind enough to mug for the camera and help eat food and small talk; it was nice.

The show will be up until the end of October.


LOCALSTUFF: Gutman Library Show

No, no. Nothing to do with Megaman.

So I have a painting hanging in the Gutman Library, in Harvard Square.
It's part of a small faculty exhibition from MassArt, and it will be up for two weeks (from yesterday, Monday).

The Gutman Library is on Brattle Street, on your way out of the Square.
It's about a block further past the Brattle Theatre, on the right.
Location on a map.

The image is a portrait of my friend James.
I hung the piece before I had a chance to document it with a good photo/scan.
So, I'll have to do that later when the show comes down, and I can upload the image properly.

Meanwhile, I took some photos with my camera :P

Here's the painting. It's 16"x20", and made with open acrylics and gouache:

Here's a view of the show, and where it's hanging. You can also see some of the other faculty work, they are all so good!:

Plus, the view from outside:

From the sidewalk on Brattle Street, you can see the pieces through the window at night.
If you find yourself in Harvard Square, walk by and take a look :)
Or just, y'know, go inside the building and see the stuff up close.

BIKE: Almost done

Been chewing on the rebuild and it's almost done.
Put the breaks on today and taped up the handlebars.
It stops and goes now :)

Went for a ride and am noting what needs to be adjusted still.

It's a rebuild of an old hardtail Mongosse mountain bike into something more road friendly. Mostly because I miss being able to go off curbs like I used to with my previous bike. The one I'm riding now is great and fast, but that's not always important really. I tend to feel like she's gonna break or that the many potholes will eat my tires alive. I never used to worry about that with my Van Dessel bike (in my lj icon, omg i miss it so much).

So far it feels sturdy, yep. Going to swap out the chunky knobby tires for something a little slicker down the middle, and put on some fenders. Then to take pictures.



some logo design work for commission.

not actually established in 1908, that was just to show the logo in use for something :)

i've been getting into bicycle repair, so the imagery was in my head to make it into a bicycle badge, because they are typically awesome.