December 11th, 2005


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<td>my student ID gets me in and out of the equipment cage at work. and it also gets me in and out of the computer lab in the design studios where all the other design majors are located.

so i knew i had it thursday night in one of those two places

but snowstorm on friday meant no going out and snow everywhere saturday meant no going out

so i didn't even notice it was missing until today when i had to run out to pick up catfood for mae bell and a lightbulb (mine just blew out while i was searching my room :P

anyway.. i've got a $5 bill and some loose change, but until i find my wallet, that's pretty much all the cash i have ready access to in the world. sssso...

i needed to come to campus to search here.

to take the bus and then the train would cost money i don't have when i still need to get catfood and a bulb. so i walk :) it's too icy to ride my bike now, the city has done it's usual stellar job of plowing, so there are effectively no bike lanes until June.

i walk the five miles to campus, uphill both ways, as they say :) get here and i have to check in with campus security to get into the buildings. already i'm thinking/hoping somebody turned it in. but no. no wallet. the guard sees my photo on file though and lets me in.

i come to the studio space first. and there it is sitting full and fat in the middle of my desk(!!!)

so, some kindly soul must've found it and dropped it off there (everybody's name is over their area) at some point where it then sat out in the open, unmolested for three nights and three days until i come trudging in like an idjit. durrr.

everything's still in it, etc. normally you find stuff in the last place you look, but i hadn't even gotten started looking yet and it was right there :P :D

lucky! go go communal benevolence and good samaritanism. and it takes a village to raise an idiot. or something like that. anyway, yay for people! chris get your shit together! yay!

i'm bringin' home vittles tonight! mew mew!</td>

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