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The Tame Talk Show

Back in 2004, I received an email from the late Tame Wolf,
a Brazilian fur who worked a real news job as a sports reporter.
He wanted to interview me for this series of interviews of
random furs that he conducted in the context of a late night talk show.

What I know about Brazil, and the Brazilian furry scene in particular,
could fit into a thimble, so I had no idea about his "talk show"
or whatever. But I agreed and he asked me a bunch of basic questions;
how did you get into the fandom, what do you think about furry, etc.

He took the answers and constructed a "transcript" narrative out of
them (in Portuguese!) for his audience. I drew him a little picture
to go with it and that was that.

I only recently learned that Tame Wolf passed away later that year in
an auto accident while covering a story. A few days ago, I was contacted
by someone putting together the FurWiki page for the show who wanted to
use the picture I made. His death saddens me; I don't recall the specifics
of our interaction, but I do recall that the fellow was jovial and friendly.
And I appreciated his creativity as a writer and personal correspondent.
Positive people with a generous sense of humor are awesome.

You can find out more about The Tame Talk Show, here.
I wish the transcripts were still available as they were charming and
a unique format.

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